DuroMax Elite MX4500E 4,500 Watt 7 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator

DuroMax Elite MX4500E

DuroMax Elite MX4500E

The DuroMax Elite MX4500E constitutes a multipurpose gas-powered electricity generator that works equally well when used to restore power during an outage, camping outdoors with your family or powering your tools during a construction project. In spite of the fact that it operates on gasoline and not propane – which seems to be the new standard in the industry of power generators – the DuroMax Elite MX4500E provides excellent fuel efficiency and it is very environmentally friendly.

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In addition to that, the flame retardant safety features as well as the noise cancelation technology embedded in this model deem it usable in all of the United States National Parks.

Features of DuroMax Elite MX4500E

  • The Elite MX4500E sports a 7 HP, air vented 4 point motor that is very easy to start/stop
  • The muffler of the unit maintains the level of the noise generated during operation below 69 decibels
  • The motor of the DuroMax Elite MX4500Eis encased in a heavy duty frame constructed from stainless steel
  • The body of the generator is also constructed from stainless steel alloys
  • The complete power panel is equipped with 2 x 120V AC outlets, 1 x 120/240V AC outlet and 1 x 12V DC outlet
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is of 4 gallons
  • The generator is capable of outputting 3,500 running/4,500 surge power
  • The roll cage of the DuroMax Elite MX4500E unit is fully isolated and perfectly safe
  • The model includes an oil monitoring sensors that turns off the generator when the levels are running low
  • The outlets are protected against overloading
  • Other features include the voltmeter, motor off switch, circuit breakers, etc.
  • The MX4500E model operates for approximately 8h at 50% load on a single tank
  • The exhaust of the unit includes a spark arrestor safeguard which eliminates potential fire hazards
  • The dimensions of the model are 37″ x 22″ x 21″ inches and the weight is approximately 141 pound (empty tank)
  • The wheels deem the DuroMax Elite MX4500E easy to transport irrespective of terrain conditions
  • It can be started via pull cord (recoil) or electrically (button)
  • The manufacturer provides a 1 year limited warranty for the MX4500E model


This product enjoys an overall positive reputation among customers and for good reason. Because it is highly versatile and constructed from heavy duty materials, it can be utilized almost anywhere for any purpose you have in mind. For instance, one customer was very happy to learn that the MX4500E was the perfect power source to help him build an outdoor shed in his yard, even though he had to use several heavyweight power tools.

Other customers state that this generator was an excellent alternative power supply for extended periods of electricity shortages caused by hurricanes and heavy rainstorms. In essence, the vast majority of testimonials suggest that the DuroMax Elite MX4500E is an excellent purchase, especially since it has a more than reasonable price.


The fuel efficiency of this DuroMax model represents its primary highlight and, as the manufacturer and the satisfied customers can tell you, it will run for up to 8 hours without a refill. This EPA compliant motor is not only easy on your budget but also very environmentally friendly, although it does not operate on propane. Furthermore, it provides sufficient multipurpose outlets to match all your household/camping/building needs, regardless of whether you are charging your phone, powering a refrigerator or using a table saw. In addition to that, the muffler works perfectly in diminishing the noise level, so you won’t need to wear sound cancelation earmuffs around it. If you also take the numerous safety features and the reasonable cost into account, you got yourself an excellent deal.

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If you live in California, then you might have to look for an alternative power generator because the DuroMax Elite MX4500E did not pass the CARB compliancy tests mandated obligatory by the legislation of this state.


A gas-based power generator sporting a 7 HP engine that can output 3,500/4,500 running and respectively starting power and that can operate for up to 8h on only 4 gallons of gasoline, the silent and reliable DuroMax Elite MX4500E is the kind of alternative and portable power source your household and/or RV needs.