DuroMax XP10000E 10,000 Watt 16 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator

DuroMax XP10000E

DuroMax XP10000E

If you always wanted to have a reliable, powerful and versatile generator that you can turn to whenever you have to get things done during a power outage, then it’s time you learned more about the XP10000E model from DuroMax. Let’s start with the features!

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Features of DuroMax XP10000E

  • While this generator can run at 8,000 watts continuously, it is important to note that it can boast an 10,000 watts maximum surge output
  • The rather high voltage it operates at makes this unit a great choice for very large homes as well as the ideal solution for construction sites where you need to use heavy tools
  • Even though it is powerful, you will be glad to learn that the generator comes in a compact design and measures only 48″ x 40″ x 48″ when it is used along with the wheels and handle kit
  • The engines of this DuroMax unit sports 16 HP, is air cooled OHV and operates quietly at a comfortable 72 decibels sound level
  • The noiseless operation of the generator is also ensured by the Super Quiet muffler as well as the four-point fully isolated motor mounts
  • The fuel tank capacity is of 8.3 gallons, while the main fuel type used (and recommended) is gasoline
  • The device incorporates a fuel protection system that automatically shuts the generator off when you run out of oil, a function that will also protect the engine in the long run
  • The DuroMax generator is extremely reliable and can hold up for approximately 10 hours while operating at half its capacity
  • For safety reasons, the generator integrates a dual amplifier circuit breaker, an important feature to avert overloads
  • As previously mentioned, the generator is equipped to be reliable for residential purposes (two 120V, 20-amp outlets) as well as commercial uses (one 120/240V, 30-amp twist lock outlet)
  • The unit comes with one 120/240V outlets, 50-amp outlet especially for heavy duty power tools
  • This DuroMax generator is highly convenient and includes two distinct starting methods, namely electrical starting and the recoil manual start
  • In case you need more portability, you can order it with the wheel and handle kit which can be used on any terrain thanks to its pneumatic wheels and flip-up handle
  • This amazing generator benefits from one year of limited warranty

Video Review

DuroMax XP10000E frontReputation

The vast majority of the DuroMax generator customers have been satisfied with the device, meaning that proud owners have given it a relatively high rating, between four and five out of five stars. However, it is necessary to mention the fact that customers who gave it a four stars rating have had some issues with the shipping or have had a little trouble with assembling the generator.


In all honestly, most of the customers who decided to check this generator out did it because of its affordable cost, which is $300 – $400 less than the other units with similar features. Nonetheless, nobody came to regret this decision and in fact, clients were satisfied with the performance of the DuroMax model. First off, they were impressed with the fact that the generator can run up to ten hours at half capacity, a period that is usually more than enough to finish any task you scheduled for that day. In addition, this model integrates five different power outlets, an all-terrain handle kit and two distinct starting modes, three elements that make it extremely versatile.

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DuroMax XP10000E back


It is important to note that because this model is not CARB-compliant, it cannot be shipped to California. Nonetheless, EPA’s approval ensures that this DuroMax generator can be safely operated in 49 US states. Other than this inconvenience, users have reported minor issues associated with the generators, most of them related to the fact that the legs and battery connections are contra-intuitive and hence, the assembly process might take longer than expected for first-time buyers or customers with limited knowledge on generators.


As power outages are becoming more frequently lately, especially in regions of the world where utility companies do not really struggle against any real competition, having a reliable, efficient and powerful backup like the DuroMax XP10000E for such unpleasant situations is enough to give you peace of mind!


  1. Mike Cannazaro says:

    Had my unit one week past the one year purchase date with less than 70 hours run time in three different instances (not including the monthly 15 minute run checks) and the engine began to blow engine oil out of the area of the engine /generator interface. There is no indication of a leak when the engine is not running. Service rep said that he wold supply the parts but no reimbursement for labor. It’s at the repair shop now and am waiting for their estimate of cost and extent of damage. The engine should not have this type of failure with such low run time and the seller/manufacturer should help with the labor costs if not cover the entire bill. The manual did not indicate a break in schedule but I am wondering if this may have something to do with the problem.

  2. allan boggs says:

    It works well. Bought the tri-fuel conversion kit so I can run on NG which is cheaper than gasoline and I have NG always available(even during Katrina) whereas you have to run out to get gasoline which is hard to find during a hurricane. Only gripes are bolts that hold hubs to wells were all loose, recepticles are number 1 through 5, but if you saw the illustration showing how they are numbers you would swear the person who made the illustration is a crack smoker. The manual is just like Japanese auto repair manuals. They hire an interpreter who is not an auto mechanic and expect them to translate auto repair procedures when they don’t know the names of the parts or how to fix a car. Things get lost in the translation. Then they don’t bother to tell you what the red recharge indicator is for in the manual. Overall it is worth it if you install the NG conversion kit.