Buying The Best Portable Generator Under $500

portable generator under 500Having a portable generator can prove invaluable in many situations. That said, you don’t want to spend a fortune on a generator, and don’t need to. There are many options for great value generators that won’t break your bank, and can still provide all the features of a more expensive generator.

There are a number of important factors that determine what makes a good portable generator. Obviously price is important, but it’s not the only thing to consider. By nature, a generator must be exceptionally reliable, as it is often used in a “back up” situation. The amount of noise the generator makes is also important, and can vary greatly between generators. A noisy generator can disrupt your family or neighbours, and is a great way to disturb the peace on a camping trip in the wilderness.

Great Value Portable Generators Available Today

As manufacturing costs decrease, an increasing number of portable generators are available for a lower price. As there are numerous portable generators available for less than $500 in today’s market, it is important to do some research and find a generator which caters to your needs. Here is a selection of the best portable generators currently available for less than $500:

  • Champion Power 46539 – This is one of the most popular budget portable generators. This generator may be turned on and off by remote control, which is highly convenient and particularly useful during harsh or hazardous weather conditions. The generator also features an automated choke, which guarantees a quick, first time start, which is great for reliability and speed in emergency situations. This unit is also relatively quiet (compared to other budget generators) and is highly fuel efficient, with a fuel gauge to let you know how much fuel is remaining in the tank.
  • WEN 56352 – WEN is a highly reputable name in generators, and well respected for providing fantastic customer service. This budget generator offers great value for money, and is reliable, fuel efficient and starts easily, though does not have the remote operating system of the Champion Power 46539. The WEN 56352 is a compact unit and comes with all the necessary tools so that no additional purchases are required. The instruction manual is detailed and easy to follow. Some aspects of this generator can be slightly awkward, including filling the oil, as the inlet is in a difficult position to reach, but overall this generator represents reliability and good value for money.
  • DuroStar DS4400s – This generator is great to use as an emergency power supply, or to power your RV off on a camping trip. This generator is very basic, but easy to operate, relatively quiet and pleasingly robust. The oil does require changing regularly for this generator (it’s recommended that it is changed after 20 hours of use), and this can be quite an arduous process due to obstructions by the frame of the generator. That said, this model still represents quality and affordability.