Powermate PM0497000.04 8,750 Watt 389cc 13HP Honda GX390 Gas Powered Portable Generator

Powermate PM0497000.04

Powermate PM0497000.04

Once I’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, my family and I thought that our camping days are over. After all, it is rather difficult to go camping and sleep in a tent when you need to use your CPAP machine as well. Even though I’ve suggested that they go camping without me because I simply cannot get some shut eye without my machine, they insisted that it just isn’t the same. Therefore, after trying out several car-fridge battery packs unsuccessfully and noticing that the commercial solution are way out of my budget, I started doing some research and finally found an efficient solution, the Powermate PM0497000.04 generator.

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Needless to say that after investing in this amazing generator not only could I engage in the most wonderful adventures with my loved ones, but the entire camping experience changed completely for us. In addition to my CPAP device, we also decide to get a comfortable RV and enjoy our time outdoors across the country as often as we can. Without further ado, let’s review the features, customer ratings, advantages and disadvantages of this powerful Powermate generator model.

Features of Powermate PM0497000.04

  • The reliability of this models is ensured by the power and trustworthiness of the 13 horsepower OHV Honda engine
  • This robust GX390 engine benefits from several advantages, the most notable ones comprising of the high durability and protection system of the engine, low noise level and the fuel efficiency mechanism
  • The displacement capacity of the engine is of 389 cubic centimeters
  • It integrates an automatic shut down mechanism that turns off the machine before the oil is sufficiently low to damage the engine
  • The control panel incorporates five distinct outlet, four of them addressing light duties (120V outlets) and one dedicated for heavy power tools (120/240V with a twist lock outlet and an amp circuit breaker protection)
  • The generator has an outstanding performance, considering that it is running at 7,000 normally and can reach a maximum surge of 8,750 watts safely
  • This model equips an Automatic Voltage Regulator for enhanced protection and additional control
  • The unit integrates an 8 gallon fuel tank with a gauge and the main fuel comprises of gasoline
  • While operating at half of its capacity, this Powermate model ensures that your household/camping site/construction site will have power for the next 10 hours (although a few customers reported a 12 hours continuous running of the generator)
  • It is available in a compact design, measuring 24,2″ x 21″ x 31.2″
  • Even though the generator can be considered heavy (it weighs approximately 200 pounds), it comes with a portability kit
  • The portability kit includes dual folding handles and 10 inches pneumatic wheels that allow you to move it on any type of terrain
  • Covered by 2 years of limited warranty


While it is true that this unit was not awarded with the highest possible rating on the specialty websites, it still enjoys a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating. To be honest, this does not come as a surprise given the reputation of the manufacturer as well as the 40 years of experience in producing air compressors, pressure washers, air tools as well as portable generators for commercial and residential electrical power needs.

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Essentially, even though the products are manufactured following the highest industry standards and tested repeatedly before they are released on the market, you are still covered by the two years warranty in case your generator stops working. And, if that does not solve the issue, then you can call on the help of one of their 2,000 service centers spread all across the United States.


Despite the fact that most of the features incorporated in this models can be considered trump cards, customers have been especially pleased with the Automatic Voltage Regulator Feature as well as the circuit breaker mechanism, both of which can easily prevent overloads and short circuits.


Although it packs an incredibly powerful and reliable engine, this Powermate model has the minor setback that it is not CARB compliant and hence, it is not available in California.


Silent, efficient, portable and integrating an engine designed by one of the leading brands in the industry, the Powermate PMO497000.04 represents an investment you will never regret!


  1. Terry Crain says:

    Does the Honda PMO497000.04 have electric start?