Sportsman GEN7000LP 7000-Watt 13 HP OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator

Sportsman GEN7000LP

Sportsman GEN7000LP

With the seemingly unpredictable timing of the hurricanes that approach the United States, more and more homeowners are searching for a reliable electricity generator to prevent a complete power shortage. In addition to harsh meteorological conditions, there are numerous reasons why total blackouts occur and it is always better to be prepared for any eventuality.

At the same time, because you cannot estimate the duration of the power outage, you need a reliable generator with optimal fuel efficiency that is easy to operate and highly versatile. In other words, you need the Sportsman GEN7000LP Portable Generator!

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Features of Sportsman GEN7000LP 7000-Watt 13 HP OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator

  • The motor of the GEN7000LP mode is capable of outputting 7,000 surge Watts as well as 6,000 running Watts
  • The motor of the unit has a maximum output of 13 HP at peak performance
  • The Sportsman GEN7000LP can be started via the recoil trigger or the electric trigger (the latter requires a motorcycle accumulator that is not included in the package)
  • It is powered by a standard propane tank similar to the ones used by gas grills
  • The packaged includes the 5 foot hose equipped with a regulator but not the propane tank
  • Fire prevention features such as spark arrestor, oil monitoring sensors and voltage regulators
  • Air cooling capabilities prevents overheating of the unit
  • The GEN7000LP has a full power panel for optimum management
  • The generator can be turned off quickly via the motor’s power switch
  • All outlets of the machine include overload protection to safeguard your electrical devices
  • The unit is very fuel efficient and at 50% capacity it can operate for approximately 8h using only about 20 pounds of propane.
  • Incredibly silent, the Sportsman GEN7000LP does not generate a noise level over 80 decibels while running at full capacity
  • The dimensions of the generator are 33 x 19.5 x 24.5 inches and the total weight is of 172 pounds
  • The unit has 4 x 120V outlets, 1 x 12V outlet and a 1 x 120/240V outlet

Sportsman GEN7000LP sideReputation

It is easy to guess that, thanks to all these amazing features, the GEN7000LP Sportsman model enjoys a lot of popularity among homeowners and every customer who acquired this unit recommends it as an incredibly useful solution. Among the characteristics that were highly appreciated by clients, the ability to start it via recoil/electric button as well as the power and fuel efficiency constitutes the highlights. Moreover, one customer was especially pleased by the unit’s ability to provide enough power for his home’s main electronics and still supply electricity for his neighbor simultaneously. In addition, because the GEN7000LP can be taken out of the box and installed within a few minutes even without extensive knowledge of this type of devices, no crisis will catch you unprepared.

Sportsman GEN7000LP Portable generatorPros

First of all, like most propane-based electrical generators, the Sportsman GEN7000LP is innately superior to the flimsy gasoline based models in terms of environmental friendliness, fuel efficiency, low maintenance and versatility. In addition to that, propane tanks can be stored for a much longer period without having to worry that the gas will exhibit issues like spoilage. However, this particular unit is even superior to the vast majority of propane-based generators because it expulses 40% less CO during the operation and consumes substantially less propane. Furthermore, the price is very reasonable considering its characteristics and homeowners will save a lot of money on fuel in the long run.


A few customers who purchased the Sportsman GEN7000LP consider that the manual of the unit could benefit from a bit more specificity in terms of the motorcycle accumulator that should be used and its dimensions, as well as some diagrams depicting the installation of the wheel kit. In addition, it has been noted that the model should also come with covers for the outlets in order to protect them against water. However, these are just minor details compared to the advantages that the GEN7000LP brings to play.

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An excellent generator with 6 multipurpose outlets capable of sporting 13 HP and outputting 7,000 surge/6,000 running power, the Sportsman GEN7000LP is the ideal machine to help you maintain the electrical devices in your home operational during an unexpected power surge. Highly efficient and running on the clean burning propane gas, the easy to start/stop generator incorporates all the safety features mandatory for top notch devices in its category.